VIU Students

Final Exams

Scheduling Procedure

The Records Department begins to create the schedule of final exams following the add/drop deadline in the Fall and Spring semesters once students have finalized their timetables. Teaching faculty are asked to provide details about their final exam plans at that time. The schedule is made available to students at least one month before exams start.

All faculty who are instructing a credit course will be asked to fill out an online Final Exam Request, whether they will be having a final exam or not. In order to create the schedule, this information is required for each of the credit courses being taught. More information on exam scheduling procedures are included on the Final Exam Request Instructions.

Final exam requests MUST be completed by the due date. Scheduling of exams cannot begin until all academic courses for that semester have been accounted for.

Please note:

  • All exams for evening courses will, whenever possible, be scheduled on the same night and in the same room where the regular class is held;
  • Preference for a specific room, day or time for an exam can be specified, but cannot be guaranteed;
  • Exams can be scheduled at the same time as other exams if requested if there are no student conflicts;
  • Requests to schedule exams on specific days will be considered in exceptional circumstances only.

Once all requests have been received by the Records office, a draft schedule is created using software that creates a conflict-free schedule where no student writes more than two exams a day.

The 1st draft of the schedule is then posted online to allow faculty to check for any errors or omissions. All faculty should check the schedule promptly, whether an exam was requested or not. After a 2nd draft has been posted and reviewed by faculty, the final exam schedule is posted for students in their online student record at least one month prior to the first day of exams. The specifics of the exam schedule should not be discussed with students before this time.

For details on final exam scheduling policies, please refer to the Schedule of Dates Policy.

Cancellation and Re-Scheduling Procedure

In the event that an exam is canceled as a result of an emergency closure (i.e. snow), the exam will be rescheduled at the first available opportunity. The new date will be prior to the last day of exams, and if necessary, may be scheduled on the first Saturday immediately following the original exam date.

The Vancouver Island University website, local media, and email will be used to communicate exam rescheduling information to faculty and students. For details, please refer to the Rescheduling Examinations After and Emergency Campus Closure Procedure.

Upcoming Final Exam Periods:

Spring 2021  Monday, April 19 to Wednesday, April 28
Fall 2021 Monday, December 13 to Wednesday, December 22

For the next two exam periods, it is expected that most exams will be held online, but the scheduling process will remain the same.

If you have any questions regarding final exams, contact:

Sue Culver
Records and Registration Systems Clerk