VIU Students

Directed Studies (also known as Independent Studies)

Vancouver Island University has directed studies courses and directed studies delivery options.

  • Directed Studies Course: These are approved and timetabled courses with the course name "Directed Studies". (e.g.: ANTH 490). Generally a senior level course that allows each student to pursue a specific research interest with mentoring from their faculty. A Directed Studies registration form will be required (PDF, DOC). All directed study courses will have an intake code beginning with "8", e.g: ANTH 490 S20N80.

More details on the process for enrolling students in Direct Studies courses can be found here: Directed Studies: Process for Enrolment Instructions.

  • Directed Studies Delivery Format: Any other VIU course may be delivered to students under this format. This is available when there is insufficient demand for a regular section of a course, yet it is needed by a small group of students. In this case, up to five students would be working through the required course materials independently, and the instructor would arrange a schedule to meet with the students to guide them through the learning outcomes. A student may ask you to deliver a course in a Directed Studies format. If you wish to do so, you must obtain permission from your Dean. Please contact your Dean's Secretary for the procedure to initiate a Directed Studies course in your Faculty.

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