VIU Students

Course Prerequisites

We encourage faculty to list course prerequisites in their course outlines and/or announce them in the first scheduled class. Although the student is responsible to ensure that they have met the class prerequisites, this gives them another opportunity to confirm them. Students are expected to adhere to prerequisites, or to obtain special permission in a timely manner.

The Admissions Department begins prerequisite checking for the Fall semester in late July, and continues on until the end of the second week of classes. For the Spring semester, prerequisite checking begins as soon as all the Fall Semester grades are received, and continues until the end of the second week of classes.

Wherever possible, students are warned before they are removed from a class. This allows them time to bring in missing transcripts, or possibly request special permission. If a student has already been removed from a class due to a missing prerequisite, it may not be possible to get them back into the class if that class is full.

Although we are continually making improvements, you may still find students in your class who have "slipped through the cracks". If you would like to have a student de-registered, please ask the student to withdraw themselves, or e-mail the Associate Registrar, Admissions, with your request.

Students may come to you to ask for special permission to take one of your classes, even though they don't exactly meet the prerequisite. They may provide you with a valid rationale. For example, the prerequisite may be "Math 12 with a C+", and a student may want to use Math 12 with a "P" plus Math 111 with a C+. We urge you not to feel pressure to waive a prerequisite. Prerequisites have been determined by your faculty colleagues to help students achieve success in the course.

The final authority to waive a prerequisite rests with your Department Chair. If you would like to waive the prerequisite for a particular student, please have your Chair notify the Associate Registrar, Admissions, by email. Please be sure to include the student's name and student number.

Andrew Armour
Associate Registrar, Admissions 
Phone: 250-740-6355