Business Case Office

The Business Case Office will help leaders at VIU:

  • Offer new, competitive, attractive activities, services, and non-instructional programs, which create ongoing benefit for students and VIU.
  • Examine the role and context of existing functions and issue recommendations on strategic and operational issues.

What is a business case?

A business case is a justification for beginning or changing a project on the basis of its expected benefit. Usually one component of this benefit will be the project's ability to fund itself. A good business case is cost-effective, credible, compelling, and comprehensive. Common components of a business case:

  • Objectives, benefits, outputs
  • Environmental analysis (market, situation, business environment)
  • Cost/benefit (budget, projections and other relevant financial elements)
  • Risk assessment
  • Key dates
  • Assigned roles and responsibilities
  • Performance measurement and management

When you would contact us

If you are planning an activity with budget implications, we can help evaluate that opportunity for feasibility in a business case, which analyzes the opportunity's risks, benefits, and financial outcome scenarios, to show how the activity can recover its costs.

The procedure

The BCO will collaborate with you in developing the business case, and provide as much support as you need.

The BCO will collaboratively prepare the following documents:

  • Business case: a document explaining the proposed activity. The length of the business case depends on the scope of the project and can range from two to 30 pages.
  • Budget: a comprehensive, conservative projection of all revenue and costs associated with the activity.

Realistic projections are essential, and showing a net return on investment will usually be required to gain approval to proceed with developing the business case. The BCO will interview all stakeholders associated with the project, and use their feedback to inform the recommendations and implementation.

The ongoing progress and findings of projects are shared with the Office of the Provost and Vice-President Academic for information and input.


Performance measurement and performance management activities will usually be included in the business case so that VIU can monitor its performance against projections. Ongoing institutional support of an activity depends on its performance relative to its performance targets.

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